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Was born



I start to study painting arts in Moscow Art School. My teacher was Sergei Andriaka. It was really lucky event, because he is a great master and my school friends and me was his first pupils. In 1991 I became a student of Suricov Institut - most famous art educational organization in Russia. I graduated from the Institute in 1997 with honors.


Art biography

After graduation I have a lot of exibition in Russia and abroad. For examle in Austria in 1995-1996. Most serious and fruitfull was cooparation with Dutch gallery "Kunstpassage" started in year 2000. From that time you can see on my paintings influence of this cooperation. You composition became more free and intersting. The only principal I never change is to make my paintings very bright, resonant and detailed.

And now..

I continue to play with brush oil and canvas creating new and new paintings.

Oct 2022
Tatiana Ljubimova.